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Try out the new Lux 3.3L Cream Charger Tank!
Equivalent to 4 Swag tanks or ~300 cream chargers
Get 10% more N2O in every cream charger you purchase compared to similar products offered by our competitors, and thanks to our seamless cream charger you can say goodbye to unpleasant chemical tastes
Each tank comes with a top nozzle!
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The care and safety of our customers is our biggest priority.

LUX tanks have undergone vigorous testing during manufacturing stages to ensure the product that arrives at your door conforms with all regulations required by Australian law.

Manufacturer instructions & Safety Tips

  • Do not inhale. The gas inside our tanks is nitrous oxide (N2O). When inhaled, nitrous oxide has a high likelihood of depleting vitamin b12 levels, causing nerve damage. The risks of misuse include narcosis, asphyxiation and death.
  • These cylinders emit freezing cold gas. If you are burnt by it seek immediate medical advice. N20 can cause deep tissue damage which is not immediately obvious at the time of injury.
  • Keep tanks away from immediate sunlight. 40 degrees Celcius
  • Only use approved cream charger dispensers (30 bar) and pressure regulator (sold separately)

When refilling dispensers, only refill in the upright position