Drive For Us


Are you looking for some extra work in your spare time?

Want some flexibility in your work and to be the boss of your own schedule?

We are offering a flexible cash paid contractor driving position.

  • Completely flexible with the ability to set your own hours based on your schedule and lifestyle, you can drive in your vehicle, in your own clothing.
  • Make $200-500 cash a week depending on your own availability and location.
  • You will be paid on a per delivery basis, the more you deliver the more you will earn. Pay is received immediately, no need to wait for a weekly pay day

We are looking for drivers in the following areas or nearby:

  • Inner West
  • Ryde
  • CBD
  • Blacktown
  • Bankstown

As orders are random on weekdays there are no rostered shifts. You will be contacted when a job comes in, you can accept or refuse.

All deliveries are done through your passenger window so there are no safety concerns to consider.

We deliver to individuals at their residential address day and night.


Payment is based on the time it takes you to deliver from your home location.

Cash in hand.

  • Minimum $25 per delivery.
  • Minimum $35 per delivery after 1am.


  • $25 - 1-20 minute delivery
  • $30 - 25 minute delivery
  • $35 - 30 minute delivery
  • Etc

We round-up for anything in between.

You can receive anywhere between 200-600 a week depending on how available you are on weekdays and if you choose to do a Friday or Saturday night shift.


If you are available, you may be rostered on either a Friday or Saturday night from 7pm-3am in which you will be the main driver for your region and all deliveries will go to you rather than sharing with other drivers.

Drivers in populated areas can potentially make at $200+ in a night from these shifts.

These shifts are only given to drivers who also complete some deliveries through the week.

You will receive further information after applying.


  • Make best effort to complete delivery within 30 minutes
  • Fast response times to reception
  • Professional customer service
  • Completing any accepted delivery
  • That's all, everything else will be done for you by staff.


  • At least 18 years of age
  • Prior work experience preferred but not needed
  • Have own vehicle
  • Fast communication
  • ABN (Free to apply online)


  • $200.00 – $600.00 per week depending on availability
  • Custom technology to help achieve your deliveries
  • Training
  • Support staff

COVID-19 considerations

Deliveries made through passenger window.